About us

Zurika Development provides Online Solution Package that is ROI oriented for our clients. We execute strategies that will increase our clients Online Revenue & improve leads management efficiency through the use of System Automation. Unique & interactive Website will provide a foundation for advanced tools such as System Integration & VR - Web 4.0 Technology. Giving your customers new experience and increase your online conversion rate.


we do what we do?

We understand that having a optimised Website with Automated System such as Online payment and other advance management tools will come with extra cost. Weather you are hiring a company or doing it yourself with easy-to-use website builders; it will require time, experience, and a decent budget to start-off. Therefore we have tailored our service into an ROI orientated service for our clients - that is Web Design with Automated System Integration with our third platform. Thus this will allows you to have a great UX/UI website designed to your concept while having an Online System Automation that is integrate to your webpage.


Do we do?

We provide various solutions that will answer to your online needs. All project will start with Consultancy - and it is free of charge. This will ensure we understand our client requirements, pain points and provide the best suitable solution for you.

Here are our Services & Solutions
-Frontend Design & UX/UI Interface
-Search Engine Optimisation
-System Automation (Online Booking & Online Shopping)
-System Integration to your Web Page
-Paid Programatic Marketing via Search Engine Networks & Social Media
-Virtual Reality creation (integrated to your website)

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